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Working on Your Marriage

I've owned a house for just a little less than I've been married. I've owned several vehicles in that time. I mention it, because before I wed my wonderful wife, my father told me that she would not be like one of these things - I could not "trade her in," if I got tired of her. My father was joking around while also making sure I was aware of the huge decision I was going to be making in getting married.

My house gets worked on in a 3 main ways:

  1. General Upkeep. We sweep, we wipe, we wash, we clean. These are the ways we try to stay ahead of problems. If upkeep does not happen then things rot, things get moldy, things smell and things break.

  2. Fixing broken things. I usually don't change a lightbulb until the old one goes out. I won't randomly replace a spindle on the porch unless one get broken. You get what I'm saying? We maintain things so they don't break and when they do, we mend them.

  3. Remodeling. Our kitchen was well maintained and it was not broken. Yet, in all of it's splendor we tore it apart. I cut the linoleum countertop in half and removed the island that separated the kitchen from the dining area. We got a deal on some used appliances that actually matched and painted the walls. My dad helped us turn a desk into a pantry. This project is not yet done, but it is getting closer. It was not needed, but it was desired and we put the effort in and we're happy about it.


I started Spark to Flame because I was encountering people who had gotten to a point in their marriage where the only maintenance that was happening was attempting to fix broken things. When communication is broken, how to do even fix anything?

Have ever tried to fix something you don't know how to fix? The end result is often thrown tools, curse words and a more broken end than when you started.

Challenge yourself today - what are you doing to keep up your marriage?

What would the equivalent of a marriage remodel be or look like?

If you need help fixing a pipe or a floor and you don't know how to, what do you do? If you are smart and you want it fixed - you call a professional.

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