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Don't Cancel Your Marriage

The world has become a throw-away world. As I was growing up I remember when electronics began to turn into things that were more expensive to get fixed than to get new ones. It is strange to think that it actually makes more sense to throw away an entire TV set or computer or phone and get a new one than to get it fixed.

This is perhaps why it is easy to cancel the things in the world we don't like. Cancelling your subscription and cancelling your membership has turned into cancel your family, cancel your friends (you know, if they don't agree with you)... and perhaps even, cancel your marriage.

I did read about one couple who'd been married for over 20 years who split up because of their different opinions on issues and candidates involved in the 2020 US Presidential election.

Things are OK, in many cases, to discard.

People should be different.

Friends and family members should be given second chances and attempts should be made to work things out.

Marriage is unique however.

No one is born and says to their parents, "I promise to be your kid, for richer, for poorer."

No one becomes friends with, "only death will separate us."

When we marry someone we say things like that AND

"For better, for worse."


"Forsaking all others."

Those are powerful vows that mean nothing if there are hidden clauses in them. What would you think of a wedding that went like this -

"I promise to be yours, unless someone else richer, healthier or more beautiful makes themselves available to me. If we are poor for things out of our control, I'll work through that, but if it's because you get lazy and can't hold a job then I'll reconsider. I'll be yours to have and to hold unless our political views start to differ, then you can hold your dog."

A marriage is a commitment to another person. It is a covenant and vow.

Sadly, history might tell us that we started cancelling marriage long before we started throwing TV remotes and printers in the garbage can.

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